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core-networks-network-supportWhether you want to implement, upgrade, or combine infrastructures, Core Networks™ Outsourced IT, data center, network, and server solutions deliver centralized control, efficiency, and reliability. We provide a full range of IT services, including comprehensive IT support services. Our services include our IT audits, which consists of a thorough evaluation of your systems to ensure they are being utilized to your organization’s advantage and that your infrastructure is sufficient to meet the current and future needs of your business. We offer a wide range of services that include disaster recovery planning, IT globalization, asset management, global IT consulting and more.

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Core Networks LLC network designers can evaluate your current and proposed environment, and design a strategy based on functionality, reliability, and scalability. We then provide options for implementation. Once completed, we will employ our Managed IT Services to maintain or transition your infrastructure.

  • Configuration of servers, routers, switches, wireless devices, modems and firewalls
  • Combing multiple domains via trusts and Interforest migrations
  • Server upgrades, reconfigurations or migrations including organizational units, active directory and folders/permissions
  • Distributed File Services (DFS)
  • Data Protection Services (DPS)
  • Messaging and collaboration solutions
  • E-mail configuration and support
  • Exchange migration or upgrades
  • Deployment, configuration and management of network servers and devices
  • Windows Update Services (WSUS)
  • Datacenter or server room routing adjustments
  • Secure tunnels (dynamic or static) and VPN solutions
  • Internet bandwidth management
  • Redundant build outs
  • Setup of load balancing or server clusters
  • Disaster recovery sites
  • Spam and web filtering solutions
  • Establishment of complex password policies and dynamic server passwords
  • Imaging servers
  • Software and hardware planning and deployment

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Outsourced IT Consultation Request


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