Is Your Wi-Fi Network Education-Grade?

Wireless Solutions From Meru Networks Are!

Mobile devices are today’s learning tools. But when hundreds of them try to connect to your wireless network at the same time, online learning can come to a stop. Is your Wi-Fi ready to on-board hundreds of students at the same time? Will students have to wait, idle and disengaged, while you troubleshoot? What happens if some students can’t access an online exam? When technology gets in the way, learning is interrupted.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With a wireless LAN from Meru, your networks isn’t the problem – it’s the solution. Whether your classroom is flipped or your learning is blended, Meru Wi-Fi ensures fair and reliable access to online materials and applications. You can onboard any user device quickly, easily, and securely, even when students bring their own devices and the whole school connects at once. Deliver smooth, continuous connectivity to the students and teachers who depend on it, whether they’re sitting in class, walking to the library, or packing an auditorium. Deploy multimedia-based learning with confidence, knowing your infrastructure will support it.

Mobile learning works when the Wi-Fi works. Give your students access to uninterrupted learning, with Meru Education-Grade Wi-Fi.

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Learn more about education-grade wireless networks from Meru:


Video on Meru’s “Unfair Advantage” with 802.11AC


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