Video Surveillance Security Solutions (NVR/CCTV)

CCTV surveillance can provide visible and effective deterrent against all types of crimes including burglary and violent crimes, and being able to keep an eye on your business or property with a CCTV System at all times gives you security and incredible piece of mind.

Core Networks NVR/CCTV Security Solutions provide clients with the latest IP cameras, streaming video over IP networks with pure digital transmission. CCTV can be a single network of cameras or multiple networks of cameras linked together via switches, internet or wide area computer technology. The streaming video can then be recorded digitally using various recording technologies such as hybrid recorders, network video recorders (NVR), IP cameras with on-board storage, or software-based IP camera transmission and recording to network-attached storage locations.

IP Cameras & Streaming Video

There are many different business situations where a CCTV system will greatly benefit you. Stores can be monitoring 24/7, Parking lots and garages, Business, Commercial complex’s or Banks are just a few of the ways that NVR/CCTV Security Systems can be utilized. Not only does today’s technology allow you to record on premise, with the internet and networking you can even view your NVR/CCTV Security System from any smart phone or web browser!

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