About Core Networks

Core Networks, LLC is a business consultancy focused on the provision, management and support of intelligent networking solutions.   We are a spinoff from Access US, an 18 year old networking services company based in St. Louis, Missouri.

As business networks are becoming more critical to organizations business leaders understand that they rely on their IT infrastructure to help both top- and bottom-line results.   They understand their network plays a critical role in understanding, managing and growing their business.   IT is no longer looked upon as a cost-center – in forward looking businesses it has become increasingly strategic.

As the pace of technology change accelerates there is a growing gap between what an organization knows and what is available.  As new tools and options are introduced organizations find they must continually review and assess their infrastructure.   Networks are increasingly threatened by risks, internal and external and the true cost of under-utilizing available technology can be staggering.

Since the mid-1990’s we have been supporting and managing complex networks.   Our datacenter, located in downtown St. Louis is fully redundant and secured and the facility is SAS-70 certified.

We’ve brought together lots of experience from all aspects of the industry to create Core Networks including, data networking, system integration, network management, data center management and operations, voice systems and service, cabling/wiring and infrastructure, project management and customer service/support.

Our approach is management-based with an expertise is technology.   This means we approach problems as business-related and not necessarily technology-based.    Of course, when there are issues that need attention we are often resolving technical problems but, for the most part, our customers have basic business problems of which the symptoms are technical.    Our customers want their operations to function more smoothly, sales efforts to be more intelligent, risks to be reduced, business interruptions to be minimized – if not eliminated, and costs to be managed.    We work within their technical infrastructure to do each of these.

Too often, those in our industry treat things solely from the technical perspective which is the reason so many companies are dissatisfied with the IT service/support received.  It’s not because the people doing the work are incapable, it’s because they’re often treating the symptom and are not zeroed in on the customer’s real problem.


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