Core Networks™ Colocation

core-networks-cloud-hostingAre you looking for Server Colocation with Locking Quarter Cabinets, Half Cabinets, and Full Cabinets, with added Security? With Core Networks™ Server Colocation, you provide the server(s) and our Core Networks™ data center will provide the space, power, ping and internet bandwidth, and high security. Experienced Core Networks™ techs have the experience to keep your colocated servers running with 100% uptime!

Core Networks™ Colocation provides secure, controlled space and network access for your servers, which facilitates faster, more cost-effective interconnection.

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Core Networks™ Colocation Offers:

  • Switched and dedicated access to transport facilities via cost-effective, high-capacity network facilities
  • Great performance and reliability, while reducing your total operating costs
  • Cabinets and cages. Cages come complete with locking door . Cabinets come with fans and locking doors. Installation is charged per cabinet or cage space. Power is sold separately.

General Specifications

  • 30,000 Square Feet
  • 250 Pounds per Square Foot Floor Loading
  • 12-Foot Ceilings
  • 470-Vehicle Secured, Underground, On-Site Parking
  • Four 7,000-Pound Freight Elevators
  • One 15,000-Pound Freight Elevator


  • 3,000 Amp Utility Service
  • Redundant Switch Gear with Maintenance Bypass
  • In-Building Utility Substation
  • Dedicated Two Megawatt Diesel Back-Up Generator with 3,000 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) with Maintenance Bypass

Fire Suppression

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) Air Sampling
  • Dual Zone Pre-Action (Dry Pipe) Fire Suppression


  • Biometric Hand-Geometry Scanners
  • Proximity Card Key Access
  • High Resolution Video Surveillance Throughout with 90-Day Archiving
  • Full 24-Hour Building and Facility Access
  • Secure Storage Available
  • Secured Cabinets and Larger Private Cages Available
  • Video Intercom

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